The Blackwell Family               

Here at Harvest Acres, we have a passion for our big lovable, slobbery four-legged kids. We love each and every one one of our dogs and love making families happy by providing quality Newfoundland pups with champion bloodlines.

We started many years ago , raising and rescuing large and giant breed dogs.  We have become loyal owners of the beautiful Great Pyrenees and have placed many puppies in loving pet homes and even as Live Stock Guardians (please visit Harvest Acres Pyrenees).

As the time went, on our love grew for the Newfoundlands, such a gorgeous dedicated dog.  My Kano has stolen my heart;  they have something about them that does just that.  Our Newfoundland pups are of excellent quality from long lines of champions. My dogs are the big-boned  bear-head type, the look most are looking for. We represent the looks you can’t pass up. Just look around and then come back where you will find the puppy of your dreams….Kano @ 7 months Emma 3 years - Copy